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Our Company

RaceKote, a division of So Cal Cerakote, provides an automotive high heat coating product and service for a beautiful finish on engine parts. This finish is tough enough to resist high heat temperatures. Using our proprietary products, RaceKote refinishes your race car, motorcycle, classic or any other automotive.  Our services increase the life and beauty of your project.

Our Product

The proprietary finish we use is a world leader in aftermarket finishes.  It is ceramic based and sprayed on.  Whether the surface is metal, polymer, plastic, or wood, RaceKote safeguards your prized possession and keeps its appearance for years. This coating protects against mother-nature’s worst, therefore making it perfect for automotive high heat coating projects.

RaceKote provides a wide selection of attractive colors.  In addition, we create custom mixes to create any color, consequently allowing for unlimited color schemes and patterns. We are also capable of doing common camouflage patterns, both free hand and from vinyl stenciling.

There are two different grades of RaceKote, the grades H and C. The H grade is usually used for firearm, tactical and knife applications because it has a main focus on hardness, corrosion and heat resistance. The H grade is a two part thermal cure system, thereby wearing exceptionally well.  Grade H’s heat resistance is up to 525 degrees Farenheit.  Its corrosion resistance is five percent salt spray solution exceeding 2,500 hours (ASTM B117), and it also has a pencil hardness of 7h (ASTM D3363).

The C grade is what we generally use for automotive high heat coating projects.  These projects focus on heat resistance/dissipation, flexibility, and chemical resistance. It is an ambient cure which is a one part system that hardens as heat increases. When the temperature rises, the coating begins to flux which increases its abrasion resistance properties. Grade C’s heat resistance is up to 1,200 degrees Farenheit without failing.  Corrosion resistance exceeds 550 hours at five percent salt spray solution (ASTM B117).  It also has a pencil hardness of 7h (ASTM D3363). Because of these properties, C grade is ideal for automotive high heat coating.

piston-coated-pistonsOur Service

RaceKote is the only certified and factory trained applicator in the Inland Empire.  We provide complete abrasion, corrosion, chemical and heat resistant solutions to our customer’s various projects.  This includes automotive high heat coating for engine parts.

We handle all projects, large and small, to help coat, preserve, and protect it with our meticulous attention to detail.  Our mission is to produce a properly completed project every time.

RaceKote’s exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from our competition.  Come see us today for more information.  See what we can do for you!